COVID-Secure Travel Guidance

A and A Travel (Sussex) Ltd work directly for the council, and have also been providing safe travel for government officials, and key-workers since the COVID-19 outbreak. Because of this, we have been constantly reviewing our policy, and doing everything possible to keep our staff and passengers safe. We have gone above and beyond government, and local council guidance.

PPE for Staff

All of our staff have the following PPE:

  • Personal Hand sanitizers (Mandatory use before, and during duty)
  • Personal Masks (Mandatory use when loading & unloading passengers)
  • Personal Face shields (Not mandatory unless transporting vulnerable/high-risk passengers)
  • Disposable Gloves (Mandatory)

Vehicle Safety

We have made the following changes on our vehicles:

  • Signs on coaches regarding the wearing of face masks, and social distancing.
  • Hand sanitiser available for passenger use on entry to coach.
  • All vehicle interior surfaces, handrails, handles, armrests etc. disinfected after every journey.
  • Vehicle’s air-con/blowers treated with anti-bacterial spray at the end of each duty

Passenger Guidance

We ask all passengers to observe the following:

  • Follow the government guidance on social distancing, and the wearing of face coverings when travelling.
  • If you are in a high risk category, use extra PPE as required.
  • Carry personal hand sanitiser with you – Advised but not mandatory.
  • If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, do not board the vehicles. Instead, stay at home and follow the latest advice.