Coach Vs Trains

Would to rather travel by train or travel by Coach? I have an argument for why Coach is better and here’s why:

– Coach will collect you from your house and drop you right outside your destination 

– Coach will stop for toilet and food breaks when you the customer wants to

– Coach don’t just cancle there services are the last minute.

– You have your own personal space on a Coach with your friends 

– You and your friends can play your own music loud and watch movies

– Your social on a Coach unlike a train where no one talks

– When you buy a seat on a coach you get one and you’ll never be standing 

– Your belongings are safe and secure. No randomer will be on the same coach as you.

– Coachs are prob welt quicker if you add up the walking time it takes you either side to get to your destination 

So next time your travelling with friends. “Think coach, not train”

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